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Studio Black Films is an Arizona Videography company specializing in film and photography. We partner with brands to create engaging and highly creative content. Our team has created branded content in more than 50 cities and 5 countries world wide. Its always our goal to be thought of as your go-to guys. If you have a commercial for your business, we're the guys. Product launch, we do that as well. Personal Sales Videos, yes again. More than 95% of our clients have worked with us on multiple occasions because the content delivered is both high quality and we make the process easy and enjoyable. For this reason, we have worked with some amazing people and great brands, and we look forward to working with you. Studio Black Films is here to fulfill any and all marketing needs you may have.



We have worked with some of the top car manufactures in the world. Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, BMW, as well as Maserati. We always strive to deliver explosive, heart racing content. and when you film something like a Ferrari GTO, its easy to get the creative juices flowing. 

Last year we worked with Steve Cook and his amazing team. We helped grow his Youtube channel from 620,000 to 900,000 in under a year. It took producing a video every other day for almost a year to achieve this, we also put in a lot of hours learning how youtube works and ranks videos through their algorithm system. This knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to create amazing visuals within a days turn around is why we have become a go to company for athletes and their brands.

Dolcessa swimwear has been creating unique and unparralled beach fashion for many years, and for the last 3 they have asked us to be the ones to film and create their summer launch series. With stunning visuals, mastered audio, and beautiful subjects, it makes our job very easy.

With a real estate background, our team knows exactly how important content is for the sale of a home, apartment or other type of listing. The first home that we ever filmed was actually for Brandon (Founder) and it took a total of 6 hours from posting the listing to have a full priced offer plus multiple incentives. This is one of many stories in which media content outside of photos has greatly benefited multiple brokers in the industry.

Starting from a garage, or bedroom is never easy. It's even more difficult without a digital marketing team bringing exposure, personality, and life to your brand. Products are important, they are the physical embodiment of what your company represents. With the right marketing campaign those products will be shown in the best way, helping to boost sales and go from the garage to a warehouse in a short amount of time.

champagne is flowing, birds are chirping, a drone is flying overhead, you get to see your venue from a perspective you never thought possible. then the beautiful moment comes when you get to say those 2 magical words to the love of your life "I do". We want to not only capture that moment, but also all the emotions that go with it. From the moment you arrive at your venue, to the minute you get to jump in that car and drive off with the words "Just Married" painted on the back. 

When it comes to the corporate space. We have been able to work with some awesome local companies to help their brands grow as well as add content that shows the passion and commitment these companies have to both employees and customers. We look forward to adding more companies to our client list and hopefully you will be next.



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