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Dolcessa Swimwear

Fashion is actually where we got our start. We produced a video of a model. That model LOVED it. She asked us to film her next shoot. LOVED it again. Then we ended up working with one of Sports Illustrated's most iconic bikini companies. Dolcessa Swimwear. They have been featured in 3 of the last 4 Swimsuit issues of the magazine. They are a top brand in Arizona, California, and Las Vegas, and they choose us every year for their product Launch.

Scottsdale Fashion Week

have you ever seen a cable cam soar over the crowd as High Fashion models strut their stuff down a two story cat walk as 4 other cameras roam the floor to capture the action from every possible angle to create some of the most visually stunning shows you have every seen before...Neither had we until we produced it. We took many of our inspirations from Victoria Secret's Fashion Shows. But at the end of the day, If we charged the same as them, we wouldn't be the guys you called when you want something creative done.

Phoenix Fashion Week

Videography has always been at the top levels of fashion. No matter what event, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Phoenix Fashion Week, Met Gala, the list could go forever, there is always cameras rolling. We are the ones behind the camera. and the ones bringing those visuals to your screen.

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