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Courtney King

If you have heard of events such as The Olympia, or The Arnold Classic, you are probably into fitness. To go along with that, if you haven't been living under a rock you have probably heard of Courtney King (Mrs. Olympia 2016). We were the team in charge of following her path from Gilbert AZ, training with Damion Segovia out at Pro Physiques, Traveling to South Korea for the Korean Grand Prix, then on to they Olympia where she was Crowned IFBB BIKINI CHAMPION. Studio Black Films has been a part of her journey from the beginning.

Steve "estebahn" Cook

As seen on Youtube, Steve Cook is one of the most followed and one of the most well known names in the industry. Steve started vlogging back in 2012 with the basic point-and-shoot concept. Look in the camera, speak, show off the day, and go! Once he saw our work with CK there was no question, he called us up and asked if we could do some videography for him. Within a year our videos for Steve were being pushed out every other day at a quality that was unprecedented in the industry. By driving such a powerful marketing strategy we were able to help grow his channel from just over 600k to 900K within just 1 year. He has recently opened his new gym "Fitness Culture" out in Utah.

Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones is another IFBB competitor that we have had the pleasure of working with. Have you ever seen a woman with abs better then Bruce Lee backflip to high split to push up toe a warm neither had we. This woman is a machine, and we were ecstatic when we got her call. She wanted to have something produced to Launch her road back to the Olympia this year and help boost the brand that she and partner Damion have been growing. AZ Pro Physiques is becoming the new MECCA for IFBB aspiring athletes. This place churns out champions like a Ford factory, and with Whitney at the helm its no surprise why that is!

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